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The ONE Question that Will Determine Your Success

Aaron Orendorff

Last month I had the fantastic opportunity to host our local Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala.

I was asked to put together a sort of TEDTalk focused on entrepreneurialism … something that would be above all practical.

So, I buckled down, hit the books, and crafted what your about to see: The ONE Question that Will Determine Your Success. It’s all about the one, central, driving, most foundational question we face as (well) humans: “What do you sell?”

The tricky thing is … most of us answer it wrong.

That talk was just published last week by Business Insider and you can read it here.

Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and I’d love to hear your own answer to that question — along with any comments on how dapper I look in the tux — down in the comments.

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